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Data checking is an important step in developing good quality medical education content. This course provides a step-by-step guide to the process, with worked examples, to make sure you and your team know what to look for.

Who is the course for?

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What you'll learn:

Learning Path

  • Learning outcomes
  • Introduction video
  • Why is data checking important?
  • What is data checking?
  • ¬†What to look for when data checking
  • Why do errors happen?
  • Creating a data pack
  • When should a data check happen?
  • Introduction to Exercise 1
  • Exercise 1
  • Introduction to Exercise 2
  • Exercise 2
  • Understanding internal process
  • Summary

Before you begin

Please read the following before you begin:

  • This course contains 2 quizzes
  • At the end of each quiz, please take a screenshot of the results including the module title, section and score (see image across). Once you have completed both modules, please send these screenshots to Elisabeth Russell ( as proof of completion
  • If you do not wish to complete a module in one go, please make a note of which section you got to. You will be able to navigate to this point when you return to the course, using the side navigation bar

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